B-quality plastic road plate Front of the B-quality plastic road plate Close Up van de B-kwaliteit plastic rijplaat Profile of the B-quality synthetic road plate B-quality plastic road plate Side of the plastic road plates

B - Quality Synthetic road plates


  • With non-slip structure
  • Bearing capacity up to 50 tons (with a thickness of 20 mm)
  • In the dimensions 300x100 and 300x50 cm
  • Made in Great Britain


300 x 50 20 29 50 32,- 35,- 38,-
300 x 100 15 44 30 54,- 57,- 60,-
300 x 100 20 58 50 56,- 59,- 65,-

Choose a Size

€38.00 each
All prices are exclusive of VAT and based on pick up in Vlaardingen. Delivery on location is possible from 10 plates.


ATS-Trading supplies sustainable road plates that are made from recycled synthetic material. The synthetic road plates are lightweight and yet virtually unbreakable.

Pressed synthetic road plates always flex back into their original shape and can be easily transported and stacked thanks to their low weight; rolling and aligning - after heavy operations on steel road plates - is not required.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have the company name engraved with the B - Quality synthetic road plates.