Plastic outrigger plate on the ground Closeup of a plastic stamping plate Closeup of a plastic stamping plate A stack of plastic stamping plates Plastic Stamping Plates in Storage A plastic stamping plate in the grass

Thickness 80mm Synthetic outrigger pads


  • Easy to transport and install due to low weight
  • High strength
  • Long service life due to very high wear resistance
  • Resistant to oils, greases and diesel oil
  • Both round and square stamping plates


120 x 120 80 110 80
150 x 100 80 120 90
Ø 100 80 60 60
Ø 120 80 86 70

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Thanks to a new production method, these synthetic outrigger pads (HMPE synthetic) have an impressive load bearing capacity (from 10 to 90 tons).