240mm A-quality plastic road plate Front of the 240mm A-quality plastic road plate Handles of the 240mm A-quality plastic road plate Profile of the 240mm A-quality plastic road plate 240mm A-kwaliteit kunststof rijplaat 240 cm A - Quality

240 cm A - Quality Synthetic road plates


  • Ideally suited for transport
  • Unique one-sided non-slip profile
  • Resistant to extremely low (and high) temperatures
  • Load bearing capacity 50 tons
  • Made in Denmark
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic

Use A-quality coupling pieces to easily connect/link these road plates together.

Consider environmentally friendly products? A good reason te choose A-Quality road plates. High quality at competitive prices, while emitting much less CO2 than plastic that is produced new.

Emissions per kg

recycled.png    CO-2-chart.jpg


cm mm kg tons >21 >11 >1
240 x 60 12 18 10 39,- 43,- 45,-
240 x 60 15 22 15 49,- 52,- 55,-
240 x 120 15 45 50 85,- 90,- 95,-

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€55.00 each
All prices are exclusive of VAT and based on pick up in Vlaardingen. Delivery on location is possible from 10 plates.

ATTENTION: A forklift or sufficient manpower is required to unload the ramps.



ATS-Trading supplies sustainable road plates that are made from recycled synthetic material. The synthetic road plates are lightweight and yet virtually unbreakable.

Our special road plates feature a non-slip top layer and include two handles on each side, making it very easy to carry the plates. The exceptionally low weight also facilitates easy handling. The use of a unique combination of recycled types of synthetic material ensures the superior quality of the end product. All in all, these road plates are outstandingly flexible and strong.