Steel road plate on sand A stack of steel road plates A steel road plate being cut Close up of a steel road plate Photo of a steel road plate Closeup of a stack of steel road plates

Thickness 10mm Steel Road Plates


  • In any desired length and width
  • Available with rounded corners
  • Load capacity up to 50 tons
  • Optional: equipped with pull holes
  • Standard size available from 5 or 6 meters


cm mm
500 x 100 10
500 x 150 10
600 x 100 10

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Competitive prices and very short delivery times. We manufacture the steel road plates in our own steel cutting workshop. If you are in doubt about the type of road plate that is best suited to your operations, you can rely on the advice of our experts.

ATTENTION: To unload the steel road plates, unloading capacity is required on site